Monday, November 23, 2009

Our final day . . . in Bangkok

In the afternoon, we arrived in Bangkok. We dropped off our bags at the guesthouse and went straight to the National Museum. There was alot to see there but much of it was in disrepair. Not run-down - but also not at the standards of most museums we've been to (and not even close to any of the palaces!!). We hurried along through it to see all that we could before it closed.

. . . and we were off to see more temples!! This one is called Loh Prasat (The Iron Monastery) referring to its 37 dark metal spires.

We met some monks at the top of a long stair-climb. They were happy to talk to us. One spoke alot of English and asked us where we were from. We told him we're Canadian - which made him quite happy. He said that he listens to Celine Dion every day . . . . I am not lying! Never in my life could I have imagined I'd be on top of a monastery in Bangkok talking to a monk about Celine Dion. Hilarious! (the Celine fan is the one closest to us in the glasses . . . )

Next, we hopped on a river bus not knowing where it was headed. Only 10 cents (somewhere in that ballpark) for the fare so we weren't too worried about going the wrong direction. (They pull up the blue tarp to keep the passengers dry.)

We ended up back in the downtown area. Noticed the sunset - not the ideal place for a photo being surrounded by skyscrapers - but I pointed up and this is what I got. The colors were beautiful.

It was getting dark and we were getting hungry so we went off in search of a restaurant. We read about a place called Vientiane Kitchen in our guidebook and looked like just the thing. They served Thai food with a Lao and Isaan influence - specialties included ants eggs and spicy fried frog. We didn't feel too adventurous so we stuck to some stir-fry and curry. The best part about this place was the live band. Great music, great food, and great beer! The photo's didn't turn out too well but I've got some video of the band that I'll get to someday . . .

Well, it was our last night and time to fill what little space was left in our backpacks so we went back to the Night Bazaar for some souvenirs.

Bazaar . . . bizarre . . . .how do you spell it?

Well, the next morning we had to leave (don't feel too bad for us - we're going back to Korea for more adventures). One quick stop at the Taipei airport (somehow I managed to buy a watch while I was there - Duty Free!!!!) and we were back in Seoul.

What an unforgettable vacation we had!!!

And now, since its taken us months to finish the blog posts, we're already on to planning our next vacation!!!

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  1. Ha! I love the Celine story... When we travelled in Central Asia we found that the two things people know about Canada are Hockey ("Phil Espisito! Tony Espisito!") and Celine Dion!