Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baseball - Kia Tigers vs LG Twins

Hello all!!! Let's play ball!! It's a beautiful day for a ballgame. We met up with some of our friends to check out a Korean professional baseball game in Seoul.

Here's Rachel trying her hardest to convince some die-hard Kia Tigers' fans to switch to the LG Twins. . .

. . .Cassie, evidently, could not be swayed . . .

We bought our tickets well in advance and got there an hour ahead of the game. We had to choose a team to cheer for and go off in search of seats in the appropriate section. Impossible!! The game was oversold so our 'general admission' seats were promptly turned to 'standing room only'. Before completely giving up on sitting we decided to 'chance it' by visiting the reserved seating section (it was sold out but still relatively empty - you can see the red and blue seats compared with the upper level seats in the photo below).

Busted!! - Here's what Shawna looked like 20 minutes later when we were ousted by the ticket holders. Oh well, at least we got to sit for half an inning.

Beer and snacks were readily available. Just holler to a passing Ajumma and she'll promptly hook you up with some tasty dried squid from the basket on her head.

The games here are quite different from the games back home. There is a real 'electricity' in the stadium. There are cheerleaders and organized chants. Cheap beer and twice as many people as the fire code would recommend. The fans only sit with their own kind - red team on one side and yellow on the other - don't mess with the plan!!

The young man in front of us is about to dive into some fried chicken. Luckily he was provided with some plastic gloves to keep the grease off his fingers. You wouldn't want a fly ball to slip through your hands due to some post-chicken greasiness!

We were forced to find a place to stand but standing room wasn't really easy to find either! Families had set up picnics all around the landings at the top of the stands. The stairs were covered with people, too. There wasn't much left - standing or sitting!!

It was kind of a blessing because we were able to see the entire stadium and get out of the sun for a bit. Plus, we eventually found a sweet spot near a beer tent!!

There were people everywhere!

We had a really nice day - the weather was great - the game was great - the beer was great! But, it was nearing the end of the game and we were all getting tired so we decided to check out a bit early. . .

Being a baseball fan in Korea is hard work - just ask this guy . . .

. . . or this guy . . .

We however, still had the energy for a delicious patio BBQ dinner in Gangnam before heading back to Yeoju for the night.

What a nice day!

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