Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everland!!!! - Shawna's birthday continued

Welcome to Everland!!!!!
This is Korea's largest theme park.

We would start off our day at the mini-zoo. Here are some friendly "Jack Ass" penguins. . .

. . . and some not-so-friendly lions!

Hey, where's all the snow, eh?

The Golden Monkeys were the highlight of the zoo - we've never seen these guys before.

Shawna took the chance to arm-wrestle a chimpanzee . . . and lost. He was a good sport though - no show-boating!

We had no idea what was going on in the Korean Mystery House but we had a good time nonetheless.

"Are we seriously gonna ride that?" . . . "Maybe later."

The parade came through after we got off the carousel. I think these captives they had were Russian. They were chained to the floats - their spirits were high, though. Smiles all around and extra waves and winks for us waygookins!

Later, Jon and Shawna got some sweet, bumpy revenge on some annoying little kids. . .

Is Shawna in a Kia or a Hyundai??? No . . . I think its the only Ford in Korea.

A view from the giant Ferris Wheel!

We opted out of the log ride due to the chilly weather (and the sight of some uncomfortably wet Koreans).

Hi Ho Silver! Away!

There was a beautiful rose garden in the middle of the park - so we stopped to smell them.

Getting ready for the "T Express" - The world's steepest wooden roller coaster!!

While in line we had to do stretches, remove all loose items (including my glasses - which adds another perspective to the ride altogether), and watch a safety video akin to an airplane safety demo. The demo was in Korean(obviously) so we made up our own safety rules. #1 Don't fall off. #2 Don't fall off.

It went well - not quite the 'Behemoth' but still pretty scary!

Our final stop at Everland would be the 'Safari'. It consists of a couple souped up tour buses and some indifferent, yet wild, animals.

Looks like a movie but we're pretty sure they were real animals.

We couldn't get any shots of the 'Liger' but they had one!! Finally a lion and a tiger in one body!! (I'm serious - they had one!!) We were able to catch some other creatures on film, though, so all was not lost.

The lions bode us farewell and we took the long trip back to Yeoju - it was an awesome weekend!!

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  1. was the wooden roller coaster worth the ride? i mean if u fall off then its game over buddy.