Monday, July 20, 2009

Boryeong MUD Festival

Let's go to the West side! - We're off to Daechon Beach in Boryeong on the coast of the Yellow Sea . . . in search of MUD!

A quick stop to change at our Minbak and we were headed to the beach to see what "Mudfest" was all about. (our Minbak was booked with 20 people in one room - "packt like sardines in a crushd tin box").

Glorious Mud!! Luckily, I found a special waterproof camera bag in E-Mart a couple weeks earlier so I was able to jump right in the action without fear.

Shawna, in her pristine Mudfest shirt, about to hit the mud bath zone. Mud flinging was inevitable so its better if you dive right in and get it over with.

The mud in Boryeong is supposed to have special properties that are good for the skin. The directions were: 1 Get really muddy, 2 let it dry in the sun, 3 wash it off in the sea, 4 Repeat steps one through four.

That's the spirit!!!

We looked out to the sea and heard its siren song calling us but we knew we weren't muddy enough to warrant a dip quite yet.

For some reason I had the feeling like we were being watched all day. I don't know. . . maybe I'm a bit paranoid. . .

Our jolly friend Thomas had the good sense to 'bag-up' his wallet and cash. All safe and sound when we hit the 'Colored Mud' section!

How'd he do that?

Taking a well needed rest...

The obligatory 'girl-on-shoulder-giving-the-double-peace-sign' shot

I think she may have gotten more mud than she bargained for.

These guys just looked creepy . . .

Call me 'crazy' but I still feel like I'm being watched. . .

4 Canucks in-a-row . .

Shawna: "I'm looking for a white guy covered in mud - has anyone seen him?" The majority of foreigners in Korea hit this festival every year - it has gotten pretty famous in the past few years and has become one of the "Don't Miss It" events.

Okay, now its time to jump in the Sea . . . so exciting!!

One last shot together before the mud goes away.

Good ole' Thom - reminding us all to avoid any heat-related illness we must stay 'hydrated' in the hot sun. Safety first!

Good Samaritan Thomas was actually helping the girls clean off as well. What a nice guy. First Suzanne . . .

Then, Alex . . . good job, Thom!

Fun in the sun . . .

Back to business. Our Mission: walk through the streets, continue to enjoy the Mudfest, avoid the mud. GOOD LUCK!

And then it was dinner time. Soju, Seashells, and Samgyeopsal(BBQed bacon).

And then came the rain. If it was going to rain on any festival it might as well be the 'Mudfest'.

It didn't slow things down at all. When night fell there was concerts, music, dancing, and fireworks.

Great times at a great festival . . . and my skin feels as smooth as silk . . .


  1. I don't know...even when you were "muddy" you looked pretty clean.

  2. Nice way to insert a Radiohead reference. Smooth.