Thursday, August 6, 2009

San Nak Ji - Eating Live Octopus!!!!!!!!!!!!

This fine summer evening - we decided to join our friends on an gastronomical adventure in Yeoju. Our friends took us out to eat Sannakji - Live Baby Octopus!!! Our friend knew a place in our town that served the Korean delicacy so the only thing stopping us was our fear - OF EATING A LIVE CREATURE!!!!!!!!!!!

We read the Wikipedia entry - we heard the stories of choking to death - but we decided to chance it anyway . . .

We ordered a couple plates of octo and a bunch of Soju (liquid courage) and waited while the rest of the staff and patrons looked on in curiosity. They scooped the baby octopus out of the tank outside - chopped off his tentacles - added a dash of sesame seeds - and promptly served it. The tentacles still had a lot of life left in them when they arrived at our table. Squirmy and slimy they were not exactly appetizing. They gave up quite the fight - with their suction-cuppy things stuck to the bowl. We dipped them in the provided sauces and went to town. Check out the video. . . if you can stomach it!! (and for another angle and more videos - check out our friends blog: Jon and Cassie in South Korea).

Well - let's see if we can top this while we're on vacation. We're off to Hong Kong, Thailand, and Cambodia!!!! See you in 2 weeks!!!

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  1. Weird Fishes was a good backdrop for that :)

    - Matt