Friday, May 22, 2009

Jongmyo, Changgyeonggung, and The World High-Wire Championships

Today we're back in Seoul visiting a shrine and one of the main palaces. The shrine is called Jongmyo and it houses the 'spirit tablets' of the Joseon Dynasty Kings and Queens. It is said that their spirits reside inside these tablets.

This building is where the tablets lay. It was really massive - can you see Shawna in the picture? (click on it to blow it up)

The next group of pictures are from Changgyeonggung!! Originally built by King Sejong (who is on the back of the 10 000 Won bill, invented the modern Korean writing system, and happens to be buried in our little town of Yeoju).Through the palace woods you can see Seoul tower watching over the city.

All those years of school really paid off - I forgot my watch but Shawna was able to tell the time with this sundial - we would have missed the bus if it wasn't for her valiant effort.

Here is the Great King Sejong's throne room. The painting on the wall behind his throne is also behind his mug on the 10 000 won bill - as you can see in the following photo. We wouldn't have even noticed but we were eavesdropping on a tour group and saw their guide showing the bill to them.

RANDOM SHOT OF SD AND A SQUID - Just to see if you're still paying attention!

Later that afternoon, we went in search of a "World High-Wire Competition" we heard about. After some serious walking, and coming close to giving-up, we found it!!

It was quite the unique experience - I've never seen anything quite like it in my life. The 'walkers' were up on scaffolding waiting to for their turn. Their destination was all the way across the Han River!! It took the guy we watched about 45 minutes to make it. He stopped a few times and sat on the wire (safety boats waiting in the river below) but eventually made it across.

I took a lot of video footage of the High-Wire event that I will be able to string together someday. It's really difficult to imagine the distance based on these photos.

Well - we considered ourselves lucky to have found and witnessed the event and went happily on our way back to Yeoju on the bus.

Next post: Shawna's Birthday - Clubbing in Seoul and Chilling in Everland!!

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