Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Shawna D!!!

It was Shawna's Birthday last week so we went to Seoul to celebrate with friends. First we were off to dinner in Itaewon. Itaewon is where the largest US military base is located so it has become the place to find foreign food, books, or people - if foreign things are what you after.

7:00PM We went for some Thai food and it was good. . . We were joined by our Canadian friends Ashley and Andrew.

10:00PM Next, we were off to Hongdae in search of a bar for some drinks. We met up with quite a few teachers from Yeoju there (and they brought cake). The bar was called "Jane's Groove" and had some extremely poignant graffiti in the bathroom that had to be photographed.

It was 90's night so they were playing a bunch of hits from the good ole' days . . . we heard The Spice Girls, Hanson, and The Backstreet Boys all in a row!! It was horrible and fantastic all at the same time.

I think we may have been the largest group of Waygookin's they had seen in some time because they treated us very well. When they found out it was Shawna's birthday they brought us a bottle of Champagne on the house.

After we polished off the bubbly, we were off to see some more bars. This time we stepped it up a notch. We went to the "Ice Bar". They dress you up and send you in to a giant freezer. It was a good time . . . reminded us of Canada.

12:30AM Here we are getting suited up before entering the Ice Bar . . .

You book the entire place for your group's private party. We were lucky to have so many people with us because I'm sure it wouldn't have the same vibe with just the two of us in the whole bar.

"I triple dog dare ya. . ."

Our cool bartender making us some cocktails.

Shawna enjoying her drink in a glass made of ice.

Shawna enjoying my drink in a glass made of ice.

I think I may have had a little too much to drink because everything was starting to look hazy. . .

1:30AM We were getting tired while our friends were ready to party on. We had a big day ahead of us (at Everland) so we wanted to get some sleep but we couldn't resist checking out "The Cave Bar" they were headed to. So, we popped in for a couple photos and then headed off in search of a motel.

The Seoul-ites really seem to enjoy their 'theme' bars / restaurants / motels / parks / etc. It does make a night of partying more memorable!

2:00AM - Now we're off to bed - gotta get up early for a day in the theme park . . .

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