Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goin' South to DAEGU

Our day in 'Colorful Daegu' began with a chance meeting with a friend from Yeoju. We were extremely lucky to meet Eun-Hye that morning because she grew up in Daegu and graciously offered to tour us around Daegu for the day. Our first stop was the Medicine Market.

Once again, as luck might have it, there was a Medicine Festival happening in Daegu that week!! Shawna decided to try the foot massage mats - she was not impressed!! It was very painful.

There were very few foreigners at the festival so we were treated a bit like celebrities. There were camera men asking us to pose for the Daegu newspaper. Below, you can see Shawna about to make her Korean television debut. They were filming her participating in a medicine wrapping lesson. I told them I was her agent but they refused to cough up the Won.

Mmmm . . . looks good . . .

Some serious Ginseng that day - we had ginseng candy, ginseng tea, and ginseng soap, and I even saw some deep-fried ginseng. The Scots would be proud!!

Here is the tea we had. It was some seriously potent stuff!! I could see in to the future for a short while - it was really hazy though. I could see: Shawna playing the drums at night . . . does that make sense??? The visions soon went away

Hana, Dul, Set, . . .KIMCHI!!

We visited the blow-up organ bouncy rooms for kids - how could we not??

The inside of your heart should look like this . . .

A little historical medicine cermony complete with guards, medicine men, soldiers, and delivery-boy on a scooter.

Daegu was full of the 'old meets new' spaces. Here, we saw a few skaters infront of an old city gate.

Eat your heart out "Louvre".

Daegu - gaming and shopping at night - really busy.

Shawna playing drums in the arcade. I feel like I've been here before . . .

Here's some bar in Daegu - we went in for the "Billibow". Billiards and Bowling together at last.

We were awfully tired and had a long day ahead of us in Gyeongju, so we headed off to our Hotel for the night. I present to you . . .Shangri-La . . .

See you in Gyeongju!!

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