Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shopping in Seoul

Our first stop in Seoul was at Dongdaemun Market. Its about the size of a city block and its made up of tiny little streets and buildings selling everything imaginable. The food section was the coolest with a multitude of animal parts hanging all around us.
In the center of the food area were a group of stands making some street snacks. We tried one that looked like a thick pancake. It was made by grinding some sort of unknown grain and making a batter with onions, sprouts and other stuff - then deep frying it. It tasted sort of like a greasy, garilcky hashbrown.
Very nice!
We didn't buy anything other than food from Dongdaemun but we saw some nice stuff. I have to convince Shawna to buy a Hanbok (the traditional Korean dress).
She liked the shoes . . .
After Dongdaemun, we took the subway to COEX.
Its a giant underground mall. Saturday was "White Day" which is like Valentine's in Korea so there were many festivities and flowers and candies everywhere. We saw a Dixie Jazz band in the mall. I never imagined I'd see a Sousaphone my first day in Seoul!

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