Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday's Adventure

Sunday morning we had breakfast at home and then took the bus to downtown Yeoju. The bus costs 1000 Won (85cents).

We wandered all over downtown checked out some stores and went into Lotteria for lunch. Our first attempt at ordering fast food in Korea went well but we didn't get quite as much food as we hoped. It was tasty though. Shawna is a good share-er.

Take a gander at these phots of a typical Sunday in Yeoju-Gun:

The bridge between Ohak and Yeoju

Yeoju is famous for its ceramics - There are pottery stores everywhere!!!

Even the Street Lamps are cool here.

We saw this Jet Pack man flying above us all day - maybe some form of Korean surveillance.

All of this walking made us thirsty for Ga To Re I:

Shawna enjoying some K-Pop in the afternoon:

Now we're off to bed - Tomorrow we start school!!!

Talk to you soon,
Jon and Shawna


  1. hey jon!
    fun sunday adventure pictures, tell shawna her red coat is really cute :) have fun and don't drink to much ga to re i!

  2. Hi guys. Sorry I didn't email before you left. This all looks amazing (I especially liked your welcome banner). Best wishes with your first days at school. Love to you.
    oh, and I agree with bess - cute coat Shawna!