Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome Dinner

Hello All!

We had a wonderful "Welcome Celebration Dinner" the other night and wanted to share some photos with you. The Vice-Principal was sitting right beside me and the Principal was across from me in the purple tie. Our co-teacher, Kyung-Ran was sitting next to Shawna when she wasn't taking photos for us.

We ate Budae-chigae which is a meat stew with rice and a million other side dishes (as usual in Korean dining). Delicious!! It goes especially well with Soju (a sweet potato wine) which reminds me of vodka. The vice principal was keen on filling my glass whenever it got near the bottom.

After dinner, our friend Mya took us to our first Korean lesson. We were able to meet some of the other ESL teachers living in Yeoju there, and learn a little bit of the language. After the lesson we snapped a couple of pics of a meat market on the walk to the bus stop.

Maybe these are the leftovers from dinner . . .

Here's our school - Ohak Elementary

And Shawna in her classroom:

English Classes start on Monday!!!!


  1. I love how big the peace sign is, I should really give it more in pix. Good luck with the Korean classes, I find I pick up and maintain my German thanks to the kids, you'll be fluent in Kindergarten speak in no time! Also, if you're going to put pix of giant dead pig heads up regularly, your readership may decrease, just a little... like perhaps... me ;)
    take care guys! bess

  2. Ah, soju, my old nemesis. Found a new friend, have you?

    You two look like you're having fun and fitting in. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. Care to trade places for a month or so?