Saturday, April 4, 2009

Namsangol Hanok Village

Hello!!! Sorry for the long delay between posts but school's been hectic and we still don't have internet at home. So after a thorough cleaning of our apartment (it was in need) - it's Saturday afternoon and we're at a PC Bang (internet cafe).

On to the post . . .

Last weekend we were off to Seoul again (we just couldn't resist after a week at school). This time we found ourselves at Namsangol Hanock Village. It's an old style Korean village with additional landmark homes brought in from other Seoul villages to beef it up a bit. It's kind of like Black Creek Pioneer Village. Shawna participated in some traditional games (slighty more successful than I at the throwing game).

The Hanok houses were open so we could see inside and take some photos.

It was a beautiful day and many school and tour groups were parading through with us. In the background of this photo you can see the newly-renovated Seoul Tower. I'm sure there will be a visit and a blog post in the near future.

We were lucky enough to catch a couple in the midst of their wedding photos. They are wearing their traditional Hanbok clothing.

Shawna stopped to smell the flowers. Hopefully, with the warm weather on the way, we should see many more in the coming weeks.

Who's that handsome fellow on the bridge over there?

The Hanok Village had some posters detailing a flute-making workshop that happens twice-a-month. We will certainly go back for that.

After the sight-seeing we walked over to Namdaemun Market where we had some time to kill before meeting our friend Andrew from Canada.

The streets were jammed with people (that seems to be a theme in Seoul) buying and selling. We bought a pair of King Sejong 10 000 Won boxer shorts - sorry, no pictures yet - and some delicious street food.

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