Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Walk Between The Palaces

Toronto . . . That Way!!!

We took a lovely, morning stroll through the streets of Seoul between the two palaces. This area is interesting because it is very historic but it is also home to many of the most modern art galleries in Seoul.

And some interesting architecture with the new surrounding the old.

After you pass the palaces and the galleries you get to the Blue House. This is the Presidential Residence. The area actually reminded us of Sussex in Ottawa - A little ways past the fancy galleries and bistros you find the home of the leader. On the way up to the Blue House a police man stopped us and asked us what we were doing. We showed him the international "picture taking" sign language and he let us go onward.

After a quick cup of tea with the Pres . . . we went over to Samcheong Park to continue our stroll.

Shawna declared that we had been eating far too much Kimchi and needed some exercise to burn up the excess calories. Lucky there was a gym in the middle of Samcheong Park!!

As if a 8 hour walk weren't enough . . .

After pumping some iron we felt invigorated and decided to climb a mountain (well Shawna decided we should climb a mountain). It was worth the effort though - we had an incredible view and some extra space in our stomachs for a Kraze Burger!

We saw some soldiers at the top of the mountain at a watch post so I snapped a photo for our records. I didn't realize at the time but if you zoom in close you can see they were watching us pretty carefully with binoculars.

On the way back down they had they're rifles out. One false move . . .

After we came back down from the mountain we replenished ourselves with some cold Pocari Sweat and made our way to the Hanok village. This is a rich neighborhood in Seoul - only a few people can afford to live outside an apartment building here! It is an old-style village but kept in tip-top shape by the people living within. It was quite beautiful and there are some "B and B" type Hanok houses here. We hope to stay here some night in the future.

Check back soon - our next post "Buddha's Lantern Festival" is ready to go and coming right around the corner!!!

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