Saturday, April 4, 2009


After an already busy morning, we were eventually able to meet up with our friend, Andrew. He is from Nova Scotia and is an old friend of our room mate, Cassie. He has stayed at our apartment a few times during his journeys across Canada and now is teaching in Seoul. We met up in Myeongdong (one of Seoul's main shopping districts) for some lunch and shopping.

We couldn't resist when we were in the Photo Zone at Omuto Tomato. We ate some Omurice there, which was delicious. It's a log of rice and veggies wrapped in a thin omelette covered in a suace of your choice. I could eat one right now!

The area doesn't look like it's car friendly but they do drive through. . .

The camera went away for the afternoon and didn't return until later at the Soju bar. We had some Kiwi Soju (which could be trouble if you aren't careful). It's really sweet and delicious and you'd hardly know there was copious amounts of alcohol inside. We limited ourselves to one small pitcher - we wanted to have an early start the next morning.

After the Soju, we went in search of a place to sleep. We checked in at one hotel, which was recommended on-line as a super-cheap place to stay, and promptly exited after a couple minutes in the room. ($32 Canadian = Worst hotel ever!) We went in search of another, more suitable, place to sleep. We found Hotel Noo Noo!! $54 Canadian (tax/tip included) and we got a wonderful room. Clean, spacious, a computer with free internet and a huge flat screen tv! We'll have to do some more research to find a room somewhere in between Noo Noo and the other dump.

Good Morning Korea!!


Sunday we went to LOTTE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A huge indoor theme park, mall, skating rink, bowling alley, arcade, shooting range, swimming pool and everything else you can imagine! We didn't go into the theme park (we'll save that for another day) but we did see alot. The Lotte Department stores were multi-level mega stores selling fancy clothes - it's the "Bay" and the "Walmart" of Korea combined.

We watched the kids skate in the middle of the mall and were especially captivated by the little speed skaters. Keep an eye on the little guy in the white helmet practicing his crossovers.

Little Miss Shawna got to ride on a round escalator . . .

See you next time . . .

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  1. Wow. It bends.

    Amazing photos and interesting times there guys!