Friday, April 10, 2009

Hwaseong Hanggung

A panoramic view of "Happy" Suwon from the walls of Hwaseong Fortress

We planned our walk to be sure to arrive at the palace in time for the Guard Ceremony. Check out the video below - there was marching, music, archery, gunpowder - the works. It was really cool.

In the two shots below you can see King Jeongjo himself. He was a rather nice fellow greeting us peasants so warmly.

Shawna was a little nervous to ask for a photo from this guard until about 50 four year-olds went first.
We met a new friend at Hwaseong - his name is Lee Jae Ho - he hung out with us at the palace and did some translating for us and we went out for Kalbi (BBQ beef short-ribs) which Suwon is famous for.

They had some activities planned but you had to exchange your money first. The exchange rate for the Won to Nyang was welcome compared to the current Won to Canadian dollar so we got 5.

Our first purchase at the palace was a custom calligraphy drawing of my name - very nice!

Then we made some clay pots.
Then we played dress-up.
The new King and Queen of Korea!!

We were able to ring the giant bell at the top of the mountain . . .

It was really awesome day - if you ever happen to be in Korea - we'll take you there!!

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